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Hi, my name is Jordan. I'll work alongside your team to author eLearning & training which inspire. I'll also amplify your brand through educational content and audience-focused copy. I'm a teacher-at-heart and a writing nerd. I've guided thousands of learners in the K-12 space to grow a love of creating and publishing original work. Plus, I've mentored and trained adults throughout my career. As a content marketer and writer, I've had the privilege of working with a variety of clients and sectors: SaaS, tech startup, small business, local sports, and B2C. Most importantly, I care about what I do. I enjoy collaborating and meeting needs.

My professional experience

Here's a brief timeline of my careers and how they can benefit your team.

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2007: Became an educator.

I started teaching English Language Arts to middle schoolers. During the next 11 years I learn pedagogical best practices in literacy instruction, I pioneer "Book Clubs" at my school, I train adults on EdTech solutions, and inspire thousands of students to love reading and writing.

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2010: Gates Foundation Study Participant

Myself and a few colleagues participate in the "Measures of Effective Teaching" study from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. They record my classroom to explore teaching expertise and best practices.

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2016: "Teacher of the Year"

I'm nominated by my schools as a Hillsborough School teacher of the year. It's an honor and also a fun year with the students.

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2017: "Director of Writing"

I begin serving as my church's Director of Writing. I've since led a team of 10 writers who produce daily content. I manage the team via Notion and Slack.

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2019: Started HopsWrites, my Content Writing business

In a loving nod to my students who like to call me "Mr. Hops," I start my content writing career under the name "HopsWrites.". My first client wanted short-form sports reporting. From there, I wrote for startups, SaaS, and tech. I've since strategized and created content for a variety of marketing channels.

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2020: Content Writer & Manager for a tech company

One of clients wants to pull me in for full-time content marketing. At the time, the pandemic forced me into a leave-of-absence from teaching, so I dive in! I guide the brand through marketing narrative strategy, write copy for all channels, and oversee SEO and conversions.

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2021 & beyond: My next steps as a learning designer and content creator

Though I return to the classroom to finish the year with my students, 2021 showed me I have a passion to create and to guide learners. I've since been developing my instructional design and adult learning skills. I'm looking to transition from the classroom into a full-time content marketing or learning design role with a company on a mission!

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