From yawn to "Yes!"

Leave uninspiring, sleep-inducing courses behind. I'll work with your team and SME's to develop relevant & engaging eLearning to inspire personal growth and hit business goals.

Modern tools for today's learners.

Some of the tools I use to develop eLearning, courses, curriculum, and trainings.

Inspiring learning design.

With 14 years of experience in creating high-interest and relevant learning experiences, I can help you design trainings and eLearning classes your team will love.

Valuable Learning

I'll discover learning gaps, interests, and your team's starting points to make the learning relevant and valuable.

Modern Design

I'll employ modern authoring tools like Articulate Rise 360, 7taps, Evolve Authoring, and others to engage your team.


Your team's needs, benchmarks, and professional goals will come first. I will design learning experiences to accelerate growth.


young professionals collaborating around a computer.

Featured projects.

A sampling of my learning design work.

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